Passive Adoption

Have you ever wanted a pet but for some reason couldn’t have one?

Maybe your apartment doesn’t allow animals or maybe you have a family member who’s allergic, but whatever the reason, you simply can’t have a pet of your own.
Or maybe you already have one too many at home.

CARE gives you the chance to become a godparent to an animal in need via passive adoption.
The highlight of our shelter, is without a doubt, our permanent residents. There are people who have sworn that every time they spend time with them and walk out, it feels like they have completed a session of therapy. The animals at CARE have fought their own battles, and emerged as true heroes who take it as their duty to spread love among visitors.
They are heroes who don’t wear capes.
Passive adoption gives you the opportunity to sponsor one of our permanent resident animals at CARE, for just Rs. 1000 a month. With this small contribution, you would be providing food, medicine and other necessities for animals that need to remain at the shelter due to pre-existing circumstances. In return, the shelter will keep you updated on your pet by sending you pictures and news, and you can even come and visit them whenever you’re in the area.

Please remember, CARE constantly gets new animals, so we’ll try to keep this page as updated as possible.
If you would like to passively adopt an animal from the list below, click on the link
Phone: 9483911110/ 08069999372
You can have a look at our permanent residents here.
1. Bana  ( To passively adopt, click on )                


Became paraplegic 9 years ago after a gruesome accident with a bus, leaving her spinal cord damaged and one hind leg crushed beyond repair.
She’s also a little moody and keeps to herself. 
The volunteers have a herculean task getting her to go for a bath.













2. Bethie ( To passively adopt, click on )


She is 11 years old. Lived on the busy streets of Indiranagar all her life till she took a turn for the worse and the people started pelting her with stones, objecting her being fed by her guardian, and 85 year old lady. Thus, we took her in. She suffers from urinary incontinence as well as other age related illnesses.













3. Bijli ( To passively adopt, click on )


She was found in a very pathetic condition on the roads of Gubbarga as a little pup. She had a problem with her intestines and was rushed to Bangalore for treatment. Her foster parent is one of the best we’ve seen so far. Unfortunately, she was bitten by a bigger dog, leaving her with a permanent disability in her hind legs. With grit and determination, she overcame all odds and came to live with us. She got along well with the others and is one of our naughtiest dogs today.














4. Biscuit ( To passively adopt, click on )


Brought to CARE for spaying; but once she was released back in the area she came from post the process, she found her way back and never went back.
Temperament: Very friendly and bossy . Will sidle up to you and beg you to open the shelter gates so she can sneak out for a small round of socializing with the neighborhood dogs.











5. Blackie ( To passively adopt, click on )


An accident robbed her of one front leg and an eye.
Very friendly, lovable & a permanent fixture at the OPD, where she has made her place with the vets. 
You just have to call her name and she will hop upto you on two hind legs with her only front leg extended in greeting. Blacky is the darling of the shelter and everyone’s go-to doggie in times of distress.

6. Boris ( To passively adopt, click on )


Born with a congenital deformity of the spine, he walks with a permanent hunch. Found lost on the busy streets of Whitefield helplessly battling the traffic.
He is Loving and friendly, always asking you for a pat.
Will chew up anything he sees. He has singlehandedly destroyed a tree and quite a few dog houses.

7. Bosky ( To passively adopt, click on )


Bosky came from what we call “The House of Horrors”. He belonged to a dysfunctional couple who were always so high on drugs and alcohol, they hardly knew what was going on with their pets. One day, the woman passed away and the man tied Bosky  in a  room, locked the house and disappeared. 5 days later, the neighbors suspected something was amiss and alerted some rescuers. The rescuers in turn called the local police station and with our help broke open the door and rescued Bosky,  with Leah, 2 cats and some Budgies. Bosky developed canine distemper as soon as he reached CARE. With dedicated treatment, he recovered and today, he donates blood serum to many dogs suffering from canine distemper.

8. Captain ( To passively adopt, click on )


Captain Courageous as we call him lost his front leg in an accident. This made him very vulnerable to attack so he came to stay with us.
Very friendly
He plays the mother figure to all kittens; cleans them, cuddles them, comforts them and protects them.

9. Cheeku ( To passively adopt, click on )


Came to us as a young dog for adoption as his owners didn’t want him. No one came forward to take him home and he stayed on.
He is Very friendly and boisterous demanding attention.  
Can do the Houdini disappearing act through a small crack in the wall. Known for his good looks, he’s been nick named Mr CARE.















10. Cinnamon ( To passively adopt, click on )

Cinnamon (2)

Left at CARE as a 2 month old pup as her family was going abroad and they didn’t want to take her along.
She is Very friendly.
Very popular with visitors and volunteers.
One of the “Terrible Twins” duo, Cinnamon is an attention seeker and will do anything, including nipping you sharply, to get to you. Loves a crazy game of fetch.

11. Dash ( To passively adopt, click on )


Gender: Male Age: 8 years Background: Pushed out of a moving car along with his sister Dot. Dash’s story is one that can still bring tears to our eyes. They both sat on the road for 5 days waiting for their family to return. When we picked them up, he was depressed, wouldn’t eat, compromised immunity, it took all our combined efforts to make them smile again. Temperament: Very friendly, loves being around humans Quirks: Loves being tickled and scratched and will bait you down if you stop. Loves lounging under the fan. Loves his food!



12. Dolly ( To passively adopt, click on )


Was run over by a car on a busy highway. Completely blind.
Temperament: Curious & friendly
Quirks: Has a peculiar tilt to her head which is very endearing. Does a horse-like trot when excited!

13. Donna ( To passively adopt, click on )


Came from the “House of Horrors” along with Bosky and Leah. She was emaciated and dirty. After a few weeks of good food, tonics and supplement, we realized that she was blind; but if you watched her walk and climb steps, you’d never be able to tell that she is! Loves getting her butt tickled! We call it “Bottoms up!”


14. Dot ( To passively adopt, click on )


Dot is Dash’s sister and was abandoned from a moving car. A loner, she loves hanging around with Leah and Bindu and any dog who enters her space is sure to be ‘punished’

15. Eva ( To passively adopt, click on )


Was found in the Vet College Campus covered in bruises, some so deep you could see the bones. The students looked after her for a few days but dropped her off at CARE when the wounds worsened. It took months for her to heal and then she stayed on as she had nowhere to go. Even today, the scars are visible on her legs.
Temperament: A bit temperamental
Quirks: As she is grossly overweight, she stays put in one place and commands everyone to do her bidding – including the humans!

16. Goldie ( To passively adopt, click on )

Goldie (2)

He was abandoned by his family since he was blind and has numerous health issues.
He is a tad unpredictable and may bite.
Quirks: Will run around you and then suddenly go to a corner and lie there staring at you for hours without taking his eyes off you, which can be very disconcerting.

17. Grace ( To passively adopt, click on )


Used by breeders and then dumped in a construction site. We found her eating mud and stones out of sheer hunger.
Temperament: Loving and friendly but has food aggression.
Quirks: Maybe the day of starving on the streets turned her possessive about the food bowl. She will grab 3 bowls, keep them close to her and woe betide anyone who goes near the bowls.

18. Grey ( To passively adopt, click on )


Gray, our gentle giant, was found abandoned in veterinary college campus ridden with hundred of ticks, starving , presumably abandoned due to his age and health issues,after being bred multiple times. He came to CARE and recovered enough to become a part of our family.











19. Keto ( To passively adopt, click on )


Age:6 years
Background: Has a heart ailment.
Temperament: Friendly
Quirks: Is Lakshman’s BFF and this is surprisingly touching as they both share the same health issue.

20. Kush ( To passively adopt, click on )



Came to live with us when the CUPA shelter closed down. He suffered a serious respiratory illness two years ago which almost cost him his life. But Kush the warrior made little of the illness and was soon back to his loving ways.
Temperament: Very friendly
Quirks: Loves cuddling. He could put you to sleep with his purring.

21. Lady ( To passively adopt, click on )

lady (2)

Used by a breeder till she couldn’t produce any more pups. The breeder was planning to dump her on the roadside but we reached to rescue her in time. Has multiple issues like tumors, warts, low immunity, etc.
Temperament: Gentle
Quirks: Loves to toddle around behind best friend Poh. Loves a good belly rub!

22. Leah ( To passively adopt, click on )



She also came from the “House of Horrors” along with Bosky. She was found tied to a bedpost and had spent the 5 days before being rescued running around in circles, desperate for food. The same behavior continued even after she was rescued.
It has taken our volunteers months to win her confidence, slowly wear her away from this behavior and be calm and settled.
Temperament: Very sweet and friendly
Quirks: Loves to play, still runs around in circles

23. Lucy ( To passively adopt, click on )

Lucy (2)

She was brought to us with a badly injured leg, bitten by a bigger dog. The wound healed and she was sent back. The same dog bit her once again in the same place and unfortunately the limb had to be amputated. She stayed with us as she was terrified to go back to the streets.
Temperament: Very friendly and loving
Quirks: Took over the mantle of Canine Therapy from Charlie and is wonderful with children.

24. Maggie ( To passively adopt, click on )


Was rescued as a piglet after being run over by a bike, leaving one hind leg badly broken and her bones in a fragmented condition. With dedicated nursing by Gopal, her caregiver, she soon started wobbling around and can now walk and stand for short periods.
Temperament: Not very social, bit of a loner, doesn’t make friends easily.
Quirks: She is a very decent piggy who keeps her surroundings clean, never dirties her bowl or bed, and loves being with her best friend, Snuffles. She makes loud snorting, grunting, feet stamping noises when it’s feeding time.

25. Maya ( To passively adopt, click on )

maya (2)

Lost her hind leg in an accident. She was too vulnerable to go back to the street, so she came to live with us.
Temperament: Very friendly
Quirks: Maya’s obsession with Stumpy’s legs is puzzling for all of us. She never loses a chance to make a go at Stumpy’s hind leg.

26. Mishka ( To passively adopt, click on )


27. Molly ( To passively adopt, click on )

Molly (2)

Was one of our first rescues. Came to us with her front paws crushed beyond repair. Once her paws healed, she stayed on as she was not fit enough to go back.
Temperament: Moody; has very strong likes and dislikes, is known to nip and bite people she does not like.
Quirks: Loves hanging out in the Reception Area and giving a sly nip to those people who don’t fall in her list of ‘Molly Approval’!

28. Murphy ( To passively adopt, click on )


Was found lost and running on the roads, in a starved condition with a badly broken leg. He soon healed but developed a severe gum condition which makes him drool continuously. Nobody came forward to adopt him because of this so he stayed on with us.
Temperament: A loner. Choosy about his friends.
Quirks: Will not allow any other dog to come between him and the humans he loves. Also always ready for a game of hide and seek.

29. Needle ( To passively adopt, click on )


Age: 7 years
Background: Brought to CARE with a mangled hind leg that could not be amputated for various reasons. The leg healed in a peculiar position and Needle stayed on as she was not able to fend for herself on the roads.
Temperament: Friendly
Quirks: Makes a funny high pitched yowl when she wants to draw your attention to something.

30. Patch ( To passively adopt, click on )


Age: 6 years
Background: Lost a leg in an accident. Had a severe wound on his body which left him very weak.
Temperament: Friendly but a bit choosy
Quirks: Very particular about his friends. Loves having a bath

31. Pinto ( To passively adopt, click on )


Age: 10 years
Background: Was dumped in a lake bed with a badly broken leg and left to die. Fortunately, he was spotted by a rescuer who brought him to us. A small bundle of fun, he looks far younger than his age.
Temperament: Friendly but can be a bit temperamental.
Quirks: Has this quirky walk which is very endearing. When he wants to show love, he will jump on you, and smother you. Loves to hang out in the OPD with the vets.

32. Poh ( To passively adopt, click on )


13 year old, dumped by a breeder along with lady, after she became useless to him. Friendly but can suddenly snap.
Quirks: Queen of all she surveys, spoilt by everyone. Food guzzler. The little sausage will nip you sharply if you stop giving her attention!

33. Poppy ( To passively adopt, click on )


Age: 10 years
Background: Brought in to CARE wrapped in a cloth, barely breathing. We wondered whether he was even alive. His eyes were bulging out of his head. Two months of nursing revealed that he was completely blind. What emerged after all that care and treatment was pretty little fluffy wool ball.
Temperament: Not friendly
Quirks: Loves to follow you and pee on you. All of us face this everyday!

34. Ramaiah ( To passively adopt, click on )

Ramaiah (2)

Age: 10 years
Background: Was beaten badly on both front legs. ending up in fractures. 
Temperament: Very friendly
Quirks: Loves to smother people with kisses and cuddles, culminating in him peeing on you.

35. Rani ( To passively adopt, click on )


She was hit by a car right in front of the shelter, and went flying up in the air. Though her body was luckily intact, she lost both eyes and is totally blind.
Temperament: Good tempered
Quirks: She can ‘see’ her way around even better than the dogs with sight; she can sense your presence near her and will seek you out for petting and pampering. Her hero and protector at the shelter is Schiffy.

36. Ravina ( To passively adopt, click on )


10 years
Background: Lost one front leg in an accident. Later lost an eye in a fight with another dog.
Temperament: Slightly temperamental and moody
Quirks: Very vocal about how he feels about everything in general. Gets grubby very soon and is always on the bath list. Originally named Ravina by the shelter staff as he looks like a girl.

37. Rocky ( To passively adopt, click on )


Age: 3 years
Background: Came with a very serious fracture in the front legs which did not look like it would ever heal. But with sheer determination Rocky overcame all odds and started using the injured leg to walk. Once it healed, there was no stopping her from running around the shelter. Her guardian requested us to keep her permanently as the area she came from was a heavy traffic zone.
Temperament: Friendly, very naughty, a bit shy. Takes time to warm up to strangers.
Quirks: We call her the ‘Flying Pup’ after seeing her dash around the shelter even with her injured leg.

38. Roo ( To passively adopt, click on )

Roo (2)

Came to us when he was 50 days old after a series of heart breaking issues like parvo virus, being bitten by a bigger dog which left his hind legs crushed, an accident that almost removed half the flesh on his back. Temperament: Very naughty, sometimes temperamental (mostly as a defence towards new people, especially if they’re in a group, and objects). Quirks: The darling of the shelter, he is always upto some mischief. Can destroy boxes full of toys, can chew your jeans into half, can eat a whole shoe lace and can dismember smart phones in a jiffy!

39. Sara ( To passively adopt, click on )


Female  Age: 8 years
Background: Was left at CARE as she suffers from severe urinary incontinence. With medication and therapy, she has gotten much better but has to be kept clean always.
Temperament: Good natured but can be irritable at times.
Quirks: Loves to be walked and will dominate you throughout the walk; will suddenly jump on  you and ask for a cuddle.

40. Schiffy ( To passively adopt, click on )

20171022_131547 (1)

Age: 5 years
Background: He was brought in with a major overriding fracture in his spine which left us with practically no hopes of ever seeing him stand up and walk around. He was advised cage rest for 15 days and medication along with physiotherapy. For the first 10 days, there was no change in his condition; but suddenly one day we noticed that he was making an attempt to hoist himself up using his two front legs. He took baby steps forward propelling himself and soon started walking around the shelter on two legs. There was no looking back. Now he’s as agile as any other four legged dog. Schiffy remains a symbol of courage and determination to all of us at CARE.
Temperament: Very sweet tempered
Quirks: Just watch him with the ladies! He can teach you a thing or two on how to woo them!

41. Simon ( To passively adopt, click on )


Age: 5 years
Background: Came to us with both hind legs crushed by a car. The bones were exposed and he was under severe stress. Once the stumps healed, he was moved into the permanent cat residents’ enclosure for rehabilitation. At first he wouldn’t move at all and expected his food and water to be brought to him. It took days of coaxing him to come out and meet the other cats. Our patience was rewarded by his effort to move out of his cage. He loves to lie in his basket and watch the others play. 
Temperament: Not very friendly, doesn’t like being handled.
Quirks: You will love the way he glides about on his two front legs!

42. Smoky ( To passively adopt, click on )


Age: 3 years
Background: Found near the Bannerghatta National Park, starving and sickly. We realized she was completely blind – probably why she had been abandoned. She had a lot of wounds on her body and it took a lot of effort to heal both physical and mental scars.
Temperament: Friendly
Quirks: Likes attention, but doesn’t like being touched too much. Makes friends in her own time.

43. Snuffles ( To passively adopt, click on )


Age: 3 years
Background: Had been bitten by dogs, her flesh was in bits and pieces. The wounds took a month to heal during which she formed a strong bond with her caretaker, Gopal. She eventually made her way to Maggie’s heart and they are now BFF’s.
Temperament: Friendly, social
Quirks: Loves to respond with small grunts when you talk to her, especially when you use her name in conversation.

44. Sonu ( To passively adopt, click on )


Followed the ambulance as a little pup for quite a distance till the ambulance driver took pity on her and brought her to the shelter.
She is Moody, has very strong likes and dislikes.
She is the undisputed queen of all she surveys. Nothing ever happens without her approval. She stays with Roshan our Security Incharge and they are inseparable.

45. Spike ( To passively adopt, click on )


Age: 11 years
Background: Came to us with a serious congenital spinal issue that left him immobile and paralysed. We had to lift him up every time he wanted to pass urine and stools. But with constant physiotherapy, medication, love and care, he started walking.
Temperament: Good tempered
Quirks: Has a machine gun staccato like back which is very funny. Very vocal when he wants your attention.

46. Spot ( To passively adopt, click on )


Age: 6 years
Background: Came to us completely paralysed after an accident, but he showed signs of movement in his hind legs and soon started wobbling around, and then walking.
Temperament: Mostly friendly but can be a bit cranky at times.

47. Stumpy ( To passively adopt, click on )


Age: 3 years
Background: Came to CARE with a huge tumour growing on her tail. The cancer was removed and with it the tail. The nickname ‘Stumpy’ stuck.
Temperament: Very friendly with a beautiful temperament.
Quirks: Easily one of the most good looking dogs in CARE with her gorgeous golden coat and doe like eyes, she knows how to wrap everyone around her furry paws. Loves people, loves playing, loves life. Being the other half of the “Terrible Twins” duo, Stumpy has another side. She is now the official canine therapist for CARE. She is wonderful with the specially abled children she works with.

48. Teddy ( To passively adopt, click on )


Age: 6 years
Background: Brought to the shelter as he had a severe skin infection. He belonged to a young couple who sent him in through a rescuer. He healed soon and was released back to his family through the rescuer. However, on the same day he was to go home, his owners met with a gruesome accident and were never seen again. We took him back and he now lives with us.
Quirks: Loves to cuddle up to you, and will not tolerate any other dog coming in between.

49. Tiny ( To passively adopt, click on )


Victim of a bad road accident that left her spine broken in 2 places. Paraplegic. Now makes the effort to have herself up and scamper around on 3 legs.
Quirks: Her disability hasn’t deterred her from being the most inquisitive and one of the naughtiest dogs at CARE.

50. Twinkle ( To passively adopt, click on )


Age: 13 years
Background: Accident victim – lost her hind leg.
Temperament: Friendly but very shy
Quirks: Very choosy about her friends

51. Valentine ( To passively adopt, click on )

valentine (2)

Age: 7 years
Background: Came to us with a very badly crushed paw that literally hangs by a thread. She has a history ofillnesses like tick fever, etc. which she has overcome.
Temperament: Very friendly
Quirks: She is a sweetheart and the heart shaped mark on her forehead says it all

52. Yami  ( To passively adopt, click on )


Age: 5 years
Background: Suffered from canine distemper which is mostly fatal in pups and dogs. Brave Yami survived the attack and soon managed to overcome the uncontrollable, involuntary shivering that is common to all distemper recovered dogs. He is a true champion as he has donated blood to over 100 dogs in Bangalore city suffering from canine distemper.

53. Yellow ( To passively adopt, click on )

Yellow (3)

Age: 5 years
Background: Lost a front leg in an accident. Simultaneously had issues with her liver.Recovered well from everything but is still delicate in health.
Temperament: Very mild tempered
Quirks: Loves to be in a corner and watch what is going on. Will never get involved in dog fights or conflicts.


54. Zoe ( To passively adopt, click on )


Age: 14 years
Background: Brought to the shelter suffering from acute spondylosis which left her practically paralysed. She is completely blind too. She made remarkable recovery and slowly started standing up, taking a few steps and soon, could slowly walk. She can find her way around the shelter just listening to our voices.
Temperament: Very shy. Does not like being touched or handled by strangers.

You can also do it online.
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and email us at about your chosen buddy and the number of months that you would like to passively adopt him/her for.
You will periodically be updated about how they are doing and we encourage you to come visit and build a bond with them.